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Так-так.. В старых архивах нашла эссе, которое писала в 1997-ом на тему "что я буду делать через 10 лет". Pardon my English, тогда я его знала хуже, чем сейчас, но править принципиально не хочу.

What I'll be doing in ten years?

It is a sunny and windy day - Venice, 2007. Then there will be a lot of such days - in Cannes and Berlin, Cairo and Los-Angeles but that day is the Day, the first one.

Narrow streets are full with crowds of people and there is something unreal about the place - which is a usual thing for Venice. There are hundreds and hundreds of pigeons on the Piazza San Marco - humming, pecking the crumbs, and flying over the heads - and it is Venice, too. For many people who walk along the streets and channels, squares and bridges this day is a routine day - as far as a day there could be "routine" at all.

However, it is a holiday, the holiday of the Art of the Cinema for those who have come to the city to celebrate the Cinema Festival in Venice.

Banners of different colours flying on the wind; large hall is full of guests - film directors and stars, script writers and producers, and "ordinary" people who just like good movies.

What are they talking about? It's cinema-cinema-cinema all round again. "Have you seen this movie?" "It's really wonderful, I've never seen anything so naive and profound at the same time..." - "Magnificent!" - "Astonishing!" - "It's really great!"

The jury announces it's decisions. The Bronze Lion, the Silver Lion... Tension grows... And finally...

"And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, the Golden Lion of our Festival! This prize for the best production is awarded to the movie "I'll not forget". Film director..."

And I'm on the stage.

Все бы хорошо, но осталось только два года. :) Я вам никогда не говорила, что мечтала стать великим режиссером, или уж, на худой конец, великим сценаристом? :)

P.S. Да, а еще я подумывала стать директором театра.
P.P.S. После того, как раздумала становиться театральным критиком.
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